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      Flight Shedule tooltip: Last word: aircrat -> aircraft
      Toogle Taxiway Nodes Tooltip: last word again: taxii -> taxi
      Airline Satifsaction tooltip: The higher satisfaction -> The higher the satisfaction
      "A low satisfaction can have the airline cancel the master contract." it sounds a bit iffy to me. I would rather say can make the airline ... instead.
      Doors tooltip: passage ways -> passageways
      Bulldozer tool: last word: obejcts-> objects
      Aircraft Stand build tooltip: "where aircraft are services" -> where aircrafts are serviced
      concrete tile tooltip: aiport -> airport
      weather station: alot -> a lot
      unloading site: unloaded. Connects... -> remove double space
      Info desk: Passengers -> passengers
      Producement: all vehicles: HP; 14 -> HP: 14. Some Vehicles: top speed; -> top speed:
      Baggage Handling Service: Purchase this system to enable to offering. ->" to enable the offering" or just "to enable a baggage handling service..."
      Conveyor Belt Tilt Tray: directions depending its predetermined path -> directions depending of its predetermined path.
      Food Franchises: tehcnology -> technology
      Night Flights: enable you -> enables you
      Armchair: one (1) persons -> person.
      Conveyour Belt System: -> check in.
      Doors: Is either Small, Medium or Large. -> small, medium or large. (see plants).
      Service Technican: doesn't do cleaning. He does repairs.
      Small stand: park park -> park (park park park?)
      Taxiway foundation: taxii -> taxi
      Terminal foundation: that define-> that defines
      Toilet: placed inside Bathroom. -> placed inside a Bathroom. (or just "inside Bathrooms")

      Mindreader: derive the thoughts and feelings of your passengers! -> derive their thoughts and feelings! (since it also reads the minds of employees.
      Glossary: Medium stand: flat asphalt structure -> flat asphalt or concrete structure




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